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Medical/Office Buildings

Since over two million people are affected by healthcare-associated infections each year, medical facilities require a business cleaning company that partners with them to prevent the spread of infection.

Safety First!

At Cris Cleaning we don’t leave your satisfaction to chance. By providing your facility with a comprehensive safety plan that contributes to your infection control program, we are able to place greater emphasis on your distinct priority areas – helping to create a clean, sanitary and safe environment for your patients and staff.

We Help You to:

  • Ensure the safety and health of patients and staff
  • Improve patient and staff satisfaction
  • Comply with all regulatory safety requirements
  • Control costs without sacrificing quality

Banks/Credit Unions

If anyone understands the strict nature of confidentiality and privacy agreements it is us. We understand that your pristine image is everything and your customers are judging from the moment they walk through the door. Allow our company to help you earn your customers trust and business. We have a special program and odor control system to keep your financial office smelling like Christmas morning. If a customer smells your office he will subconsciously start to like what you have to offer.


Small and Large Offices

We know you invested heavily in creating a pristine image. Our Cleaning Company will help you enhance your investment. Our touch point cleaning system will drastically reduce the spread of germs and bacteria to keep your employees healthy. We are experts when it comes to Office Cleaning Services.

Allow us to be your Cleaning Service to help you maintain your upscale image. Our products are eco-friendly and what that means to your employees and customers is that they don’t have to worry about chemicals and fumes that can be harmful to their health. We use brand new dusters every time so they don’t have to worry about us bringing dust mites and allergens from other offices.


Churches & Funeral Homes

Cris Cleaning understands the unique challenges of cleaning churches. Cris Cleaning delivers the service you expect, with the integrity you deserve. We want to take away the headache of cleaning so the church can focus on touching people’s lives in a positive way. Spiritual matters are a priority at Cris Cleaning and views its church cleaning services as tools to help you focus on ministry. We take special care to ensure that your nursery is in top shape so members and visitors alike feel comfortable leaving their children with your staff for the service.

Cris Cleaning understands the special scheduling demands of churches and we are flexible to meet your time requirements. Cris Cleaning is happy to offer additional cleaning for special events, such as weddings and funerals.


Hair/Nail Salons

Nail Salons Gyms, Hair Salons and Barber Shops seek to maintain a clean, friendly and fun environment, providing clients with the highest degree of services possible. With so many client choices hiring a cleaning service is a sure way to attract more customers. Having all chairs, walls, floors, mirrors, lavatories and windows cleaned provide the greatest sanitation practice. Cris Cleaning is a full service janitorial business dedicated to quality and proper sanitation of your business. We will keep your shop or gym well stocked, looking fresh and tidy, giving shoppers an excellent impression and welcoming them into your business.



School cleaning services are imperative for ensuring the safety of both students and faculty members. Because schools are environments where there are numerous people in close contact with one another, they are often breeding grounds for multiple bacteria and viruses. That’s why the schools and daycare facilities require antiseptic cleaning to disinfect hot spots such as desktops, doorknobs and other high-touch areas that are accessed and shared by many students. To prepare for their future, your students require a clean and safe environment free from distractions. With Cris Cleaning, your students will be able to focus on the task or assignment at hand.


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